Lebanon: (603) 727-9210, Littleton: (603) 444-2895


“I want to thank Aria Hearing for giving me my social life back. I used to go out with friends and family and nod politely not knowing what they were saying to me. Sometimes, I would agree to something without knowing what I agreed to.”

Laurie,Lebanon, N.H.

“I had been hearing impaired for several years, I didn’t understand how much it
interfered with my life until I was able to hear again.”

– Maddie, Lebanon

“Now I’m able to hear and understand my grandchildren. They tell everyone grandpa
wears hearing aids and it’s wonderful.”

– Charles, Hanover, N.H.

“The test I was given was very through, Chris was very nice, professional and I would
recommend her to anyone needing help to hear.”

– Susan, Woodstock, VT

“When I go out to dinner, I can be myself, I can carry on conversations across the table with friends, instead of struggling to understand. I love my new hearing instruments.”

– Sidney, Canaan, N.H.

“Very friendly and attentive, also informative.”

– Tim C. of Barre, VT

“Chris found out my insurance information promptly, took care of me professionally. Other network providers could not help me with any insurance information. I would rate Chris above 5.”

– John, Strafford, VT

“She was very thorough. More thorough than I’ve experienced with other providers.”

– Donald, Springfield, VT

“I like everything about this place.”

– Terry, Newport, NH

“I liked her personality, her straightforward approach, her honesty about payment, reception, etc. She is certainly a convincing advocate for Healthy Hearing!! Love at first sight (hearing) for both!”

– Madelyn, Lebanon, NH

“I have had aids for yrs. I can hear the best I have for 20 yrs. Conversations are clear. 2 companies told me they couldn’t make in the ear aids work. Guess what. Chris made them work. I can hear my wife. Mary says thanks also. 49 years she has put up with my hearing loss. ”

– Robert, Randolph, VT

“Mrs. Gulick was friendly, efficient. Willing to help after the initial appointment.”

– Thomas, Lebanon, NH

“I found Chris Gulick to be very compassionate and helpful in my first visit, and in my following appt.”

– Linda, Chelsea, VT

“Very friendly and attentive, also informative.”

– Tim, Barre, VT